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Ever found it difficult to see a doctor? Try Africa.

given of £100,000 target
Help train more physicians in Africa

Support the rcp's next president to raise funds for physicians for africa

Africa carries 25% of the world’s disease burden, yet has only 1.5% of the world’s doctors.

We in the UK often feel over-stretched with 280 doctors per 100,000 people.  However in Malawi there are just 2 doctors per 100,000 people.  There are even fewer in Tanzania.  According to the WHO it will take the region 200 years on current trend to reach as few as 5 physicians per 100,000 people.

To train more local physicians the RCP is partnering with local doctors to establish a new physicians college in east, central and southern Africa. Physicians for Africa will take training to remote regions. With your help we can double the number of physicians being trained locally by 2030.

Before he takes up the post of President of the Royal College of Physicians in September, president-elect Andrew Goddard is cycling 2000 miles around England and Wales, visiting as many NHS trusts as possible, to raise money for Physicians for Africa .  His appeal aims to support the opening of 12 training units in six countries.


Join the cycle on one of these dates:

  • Cambridge to London: Sunday 24 June
  • North Wales 1 (route tbc): Tuesday August 14
  • North Wales 2 (route tbc): Wednesday August 15
  • Hampton Court to Central London: Sunday 23 September

Anyone can take part if you commit to raising at least £500 for Physicians for Africa.

To take part you must: (1) register for your preferred date, and (2) set up a fundraising page.

Click here to register to ride

Click here to set up a fundraising page

Giving through this site is free of commission and fees, which means 100% goes exclusively to Physicians for Africa.

To find out more about the RCP's work in east, central and southern Africa, click here .

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By mikejeffreys
Ever found it difficult to see a doctor? Try Africa.
Cycle Ride
  • WE RAISED £600
By Conrad Edwards
Felicity was a strong supporter of the RCP and its current fund-raising appeal
  • WE RAISED £210
By Caitlin Murphy
Ever found it difficult to see a doctor? Try Africa.
  • WE RAISED £140
By JohnDean
Ever found it difficult to see a doctor? Try Africa.
  • WE RAISED £50